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Congresso Nazionale CiuvascioПравить

Hi, Rei Momo! Thank you for such a diligent work. Now i am in Moscow. I wish you good health and happiness. Always i ready to translate articles for you. Sincerely yours Viktor (обсуждение) 20:51, 16 кăрлач уйăхĕн 2015 (UTC)

Yes, you're right you know in Russian section opened. Article on the Chuvash language i will write. Pozzallo & Джорджо Ла Пира i wrote. As a bonus, I'll write for you an article about your favorite (?) football club. Bye. Viktor (сӳтсе явни) 22:32, 19 Ака уйăхĕн 2015 (UTC)

Джорджо Деметро ГаллароПравить

Hi, Rei Momo! We celebrated the Holy Easter on April 12th. I have transferred your article a little, look, please, here https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Джорджо_Деметро_Галларо. I do not understand all the details in church affairs, so it turned out shortly. All the best. Viktor (сӳтсе явни) 20:12, 19 Ака уйăхĕн 2015 (UTC)


Hello Rei Momo!

You have my condolences on the death of your father. Let the heavens will be his bright soul.

I wish you courage soul. Life on Earth is going on from parents to children.

I arrived yesterday from the country. I will fulfill your request as long as I have free time.

Health and long life to you and your family.

Yours sincerely Viktor (сӳтсе явни) 07:38, 8 Авăн уйăхĕн 2015 (UTC)

Асамат ФКПравить

Hi, Rei Momo! How are you? Could you translate this article in Italian please. Sincerely Viktor (сӳтсе явни) 04:57, 19 Авăн уйăхĕн 2015 (UTC)


Thank so much, my friend. Have a nice weekend, Rei Momo! 18:21, 19 Авăн уйăхĕн 2015 (UTC)

Done 2Править

Have a nice week to you too!!! Thank you very much, Rei Momo! Good luck. Viktor (сӳтсе явни) 10:50, 21 Авăн уйăхĕн 2015 (UTC)

Done 3Править

Thank you very much, Rei Momo! Viktor (сӳтсе явни) 19:08, 21 Авăн уйăхĕн 2015 (UTC)

Марио БеккарияПравить

Hi, Rei Momo! Done! Viktor (сӳтсе явни) 11:53, 15 Юпа уйăхĕн 2015 (UTC)

Антонио НаполиониПравить

Congratulations, my precious friend! Oh yeah, this article was your titanic work. Now we can say that you got up to one more step in the knowledge of languages. Soon, probably you will start to translate into Chuvash too. Is not it? Viktor (сӳтсе явни) 20:12, 25 Чӳк уйăхĕн 2015 (UTC)

Коррадо СангвинетиПравить

Bravissimo translation!!! If this process is going well, you could to learn the Russian language very fast. It is necessary you should to see Russian grammar. Good luck, amigo! Viktor (сӳтсе явни) 16:30, 26 Чӳк уйăхĕн 2015 (UTC)

en:Prasquier VittiПравить

Hello, my dear friend! How are you? I translated into English an article about a very beautiful man. Could you post an article about this painter in the Italian Wikipedia, please. Thank you so much. I wish you good health and peace of mind. Viktor (сӳтсе явни) 08:00, 4 Раштав уйăхĕн 2015 (UTC)


Well, I do. Do not post the article so quickly. Thank you! Viktor (сӳтсе явни) 17:52, 4 Раштав уйăхĕн 2015 (UTC)

I translated those articles (en:Algazino, en:Vurnarsky District) at last. Viktor (сӳтсе явни) 19:30, 4 Раштав уйăхĕн 2015 (UTC)

Just to start...Править

My admiration, Rei Momo! You're a great worker. Thank you very much. Have a nice weekend. Bye. Viktor (сӳтсе явни) 13:15, 5 Раштав уйăхĕн 2015 (UTC)

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