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→‎Thank youuuuu!!!: Çĕнĕ тема
(→‎Thank youuuuu!!!: Çĕнĕ тема)
:You are welcome! [[Хутшăнакан:Viktor|Viktor]] ([[Хутшăнаканăн канашлу страници:Viktor|сӳтсе явни]]) 12:06, 23 Юпа уйăхĕн 2020 (UTC)
== Thank youuuuu!!! ==
My dearest Viktor, thank you for this great surprise.
Thanks a lot!
Here, cause th virus, we have комендантский час form 9,00 p.m. to 5,00 a.m. but I think that the Gouvernement will chage the sime soon to order us to stay home the whole day. Take care of you and your family. God bless you.
[[Хутшăнакан:Rei Momo|Rei Momo]] ([[Хутшăнаканăн канашлу страници:Rei Momo|сӳтсе явни]]) 07:23, 2 Чӳк уйăхĕн 2020 (UTC)