Хутшăнаканăн канашлу страници:Rei Momo: различия между версиями

Recently returned from his homeland. Everything is fine at home. Someone in the village got sick with the virus, but no one died. If there was fear in the spring, there is no fear now. People go to work. They fixed the roof of the building where my mother lives. Built a bathhouse in the summer. So, the pandemic itself, and life goes its own way, thank God.
I wrote something to the Russian Wikipedia at your request. I wish you and your family and friends good health, a great winter and enjoy life. [[Хутшăнакан:Viktor|Viktor]] ([[Хутшăнаканăн канашлу страници:Viktor|сӳтсе явни]]) 10:46, 23 Юпа уйăхĕн 2020 (UTC)
:You are welcome! [[Хутшăнакан:Viktor|Viktor]] ([[Хутшăнаканăн канашлу страници:Viktor|сӳтсе явни]]) 12:06, 23 Юпа уйăхĕн 2020 (UTC)