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:Hi, Rei Momo! Thank you, dear friend, for your help. Unfortunately, I can only offer information in the English section Good luck. Bye. [[Хутшăнакан:Viktor|Viktor]] ([[Хутшăнаканăн канашлу страници:Viktor|сӳтсе явни]]) 12:03, 4 Ака уйăхĕн 2017 (UTC).
== [[:ru:Cобор святого Бартоломео]] ==
Hi, Rei Momo!
Glad to help you. I rested for 2 weeks in the village, worked in the garden. I wrote a little about the temple. See you later. Good luck. [[Хутшăнакан:Viktor|Viktor]] ([[Хутшăнаканăн канашлу страници:Viktor|сӳтсе явни]]) 10:15, 11 Çу уйăхĕн 2017 (UTC)