Хутшăнаканăн канашлу страници:Rei Momo: различия между версиями

Hi, Rei Momo! Something translated into Russian. In the evening I've ended and will write to you. Now I'm busy. All the best. [[Хутшăнакан:Viktor|Viktor]] ([[Хутшăнаканăн канашлу страници:Viktor|сӳтсе явни]]) 05:05, 10 Авăн уйăхĕн 2016 (UTC)
:Hi, Dear Fiend! I am sincerely sorry for the Italian people over the victims of the earthquake and its aftermath. Sometimes nature is restless towards the people. To see that everything around you goes shaking is an ordeal. It is necessary to go through it faster. And go on remembering the victims.
This summer I spent saturated: sister’s anniversary, nephew’s marrying, and many more details.
I wish you health, success in life. [[Хутшăнакан:Viktor|Viktor]] ([[Хутшăнаканăн канашлу страници:Viktor|сӳтсе явни]]) 07:33, 11 Авăн уйăхĕн 2016 (UTC)