Хутшăнаканăн канашлу страници:Rei Momo: различия между версиями

Hi, Rei Momo! I'm OK. Here is [[Рита Ренуа]]. You are wellcome! Have a nice weekend! [[Хутшăнакан:Viktor|Viktor]] ([[Хутшăнаканăн канашлу страници:Viktor|сӳтсе явни]]) 22:35, 6 Нарăс уйăхĕн 2016 (UTC)
Hi, Rei Momo! Perhaps, I get your letter, but I accidentally deleted it along with the other letters. Probably, there was valuable information. My fault. If it possible, repeat, please this message. My spoken English is not so elegant, meager vocabulary. I think at this time the epistolary style of communication is most convenient. I just could not answer, I was very busy. Good luck, my dear friend. Your sincerely [[Хутшăнакан:Viktor|Viktor]] ([[Хутшăнаканăн канашлу страници:Viktor|сӳтсе явни]]) 21:19, 9 Нарăс уйăхĕн 2016 (UTC)