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You are welcome!Править

Have a nice day to you too!!! Viktor (сӳтсе явни) 10:27, 22 Нарăс уйăхĕн 2017 (UTC)

Арис Аркадий ИвановичПравить

Good afternoon, Rei Momo! How do you live, dear friend? I am fine. I would like to ask you to translate this article into Italian. I wish you and your family and friends all the best. Viktor (сӳтсе явни) 09:39, 31 Пуш уйăхĕн 2017 (UTC)

Hi, Rei Momo! Thank you, dear friend, for your help. Unfortunately, I can only offer information in the English section Good luck. Bye. Viktor (сӳтсе явни) 12:03, 4 Ака уйăхĕн 2017 (UTC).

ru:Cобор святого БартоломеоПравить

Hi, Rei Momo! Glad to help you. I rested for 2 weeks in the village, worked in the garden. I wrote a little about the temple. See you later. Good luck. Viktor (сӳтсе явни) 10:15, 11 Çу уйăхĕн 2017 (UTC)

Have a nice day to you too, Rei Momo. You are welcome. Viktor (сӳтсе явни) 12:03, 11 Çу уйăхĕн 2017 (UTC)

Just the picture in Франциск из ПаолыПравить

My dearest Viktor, how are you? Here there's too hot, more than Africa, yeaaahhh!!!

Please, I've just to minute to ask you: can you translate the sweet-cake picture I put in this page? Just 2 minutes... thanks a lot and see you soon!!!

Rei Momo (сӳтсе явни) 13:40, 2 Çурла уйăхĕн 2017 (UTC)

Dearest, Rei Momo, good day. I'm fine. In Moscow a month ago there was a severe hurricane, 14 people died. There was a monsoon period. Recently 3 or 4 days it was hot, more than 30 degrees Celsius. Now the weather is more sparing. I wish you to successfully experience this heat, good health and happiness. Good luck. Viktor (сӳтсе явни) 20:18, 2 Çурла уйăхĕн 2017 (UTC)


Thank you, Rei Momo. I have the same address. Have a nice day. Viktor (сӳтсе явни) 00:06, 26 Раштав уйăхĕн 2017 (UTC)

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