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You are welcome! Viktor (обсуждение) 20:37, 28 кăрлач уйăхĕн 2013 (UTC)

Марков Борис СемёновичПравить

Спасибо, дорогой Rex Momo, за плодотворное сотрудничество! Здоровья и счастья тебе! Viktor (обсуждение) 20:33, 12 нарăс уйăхĕн 2013 (UTC)

Thank you, dear friend! Markov's photo is available only in the Chuvash section. It is necessary to insert a photo into Commons. See you later. Viktor (обсуждение) 19:38, 13 нарăс уйăхĕн 2013 (UTC)

A little surprise ...Править

Yes, this is very unexpected and pleasant surprise. Thank you very much, dear friend. Viktor (обсуждение) 17:26, 28 нарăс уйăхĕн 2013 (UTC)

My congratulationsПравить

Hello, Rex Momo! Your page is full, at last. This is a very pleasant event.

Me smiling to the Nobel Prize Dario Fo, Милан, 1999. — Манпа юнашар йăл кулаканĕ — Нобель парнин лауреачĕ Дарио Фо (литература), Милан, 1999 çул.

Dom Helder Camara? Is this is a camera? Viktor (обсуждение) 18:58, 7 пуш уйăхĕн 2013 (UTC)

Congratulations to all the CatholicsПравить

I congratulate you and all Catholics with the election of the Pope. I wish you health and prosperity. Viktor (обсуждение) 18:14, 13 пуш уйăхĕн 2013 (UTC)

Камара ЭлдерПравить

I translated an article on March 12, but forgot to put the Russian interwiki, so, this article is not to be seen. Thank you for your good wishes. All the best for you. Viktor (обсуждение) 18:04, 15 пуш уйăхĕн 2013 (UTC)

King MomoПравить

Hi, Rex Momo! I express condolences. Now i am out of Moscow - and therefore not so often go to internet. Soon shall begin with fresh forces for the project. If it's urgent, I'll try to make a quick.

I send huge greetings to Lodewijk. Good luck, dear friend! Viktor (обсуждение) 16:00, 12 ака уйăхĕн 2013 (UTC)

Вальдемар Эстевес да КунаПравить

Hi, Rei! I'm translated the article into Russian: http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Вальдемар_Эстевес_да_Куна. Later i'll take the Chuvash translation. Good luck. Viktor (обсуждение) 19:31, 18 ака уйăхĕн 2013 (UTC)

Надежда ПавловаПравить

Thank you, Dear friend! Your support is very valuable and necessary. Always i'm glad to help you. Good luck in life, Rex Momo! Viktor (обсуждение) 11:23, 5 çу уйăхĕн 2013 (UTC)


Thank so much, Dear friend. Happy Easter to you and your family too. Love, peace, health and long life! Viktor (обсуждение) 20:53, 5 çу уйăхĕн 2013 (UTC)

Another surprise for you !!!Править

Thank so much, dear friend! Viktor (обсуждение) 18:02, 13 çу уйăхĕн 2013 (UTC)

Cristina FerreiraПравить

Hi, Rei Momo! There is also hot - 36 degrees Celsius. I have to drink a lot of water. Being on the street without cap is very hard. I translated it into Russian your article: http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Кристина_Ферейра. On the Chuvash - later. Have a nice day. I wish you health and more freshness in this heat. Viktor (обсуждение) 14:04, 4 утă уйăхĕн 2013 (UTC)

Hi, Rei Momo! Yes, Cristina is beautiful and intelligent young woman. I wish her great success in her career. Viktor (обсуждение) 03:12, 10 утă уйăхĕн 2013 (UTC)

Buon NataleПравить

Дорогой Rei Momo! Поздравляю тебя с Рождеством и Новым годом! Желаю крепкого здоровья, успехов в работе, счастья в семье! Viktor (обсуждение) 19:44, 27 раштав уйăхĕн 2013 (UTC)

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